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Best Resources for Marketers Who Want to Build Their Networks - Tapni®

Best Resources for Marketers Who Want to Build Their Networks

Author: Eugene Wagner

In the world of marketing, success often hinges on the strength of your professional network. Image Group International’s Founder and CEO John Michail, wrote in a Forbes article that the ability of entrepreneurs to establish a network of connections at a personal or professional level is more important than their skills. He emphasized that though talent isn’t insignificant, strong networks override skills and that if talent is the vehicle, then networks are your roadmap. Consequently, the need to build and nurture meaningful connections with peers, mentors, and industry influencers has never been more vital.

In this article, we explore a selection of the best resources available to marketers seeking to expand their networks, from digital platforms and communities to in-person events and educational opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to grow your influence or a newcomer eager to make connections, this guide will help you chart a path toward building a robust network.



Online communities

Just as a company without a website seems suspect, a businessperson without a LinkedIn profile can lack credibility. To start, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are one of the simplest ways to begin forming a professional network. On LinkedIn, for instance, you can get introduced to new contacts through your existing connections, which allows the website to act as a professional database to find new people who work in your industry.

Another step you can take is to join LinkedIn or Facebook groups related to your industry to get noticed and make meaningful connections. Try groups such as Global Marketing & Communication Professionals on LinkedIn and The Social Media Managers Hub on Facebook. Participate in discussions, answer questions that demonstrate your knowledge, and share relevant content. Focus on adding value to the group rather than simply selling yourself.


E-books and podcasts

E-books and podcasts offer valuable networking resources in the digital age. E-books can provide in-depth knowledge and insights, helping you become a knowledgeable and engaging conversationalist in professional settings. For this, subscription-based online libraries for e-books, audiobooks, and magazines come in very handy. Everand website has a treasure trove of resources that can teach you the best ways to network. Podcasts, on the other hand, allow you to stay updated on industry trends and gain exposure to thought leaders and experts. Both forms of media provide common ground for discussions, helping you connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.

James Carbary, the pioneer of a concept called content-based networking, has published an e-book by the same name. In Content-Based Networking, you’ll gain valuable insight from a five-part framework to consistently connect with potential customers, investors, referral partners, and more. Currently, the e-book has a 5-star rating on Everand. As for podcasts, we recommend Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers, which explores what works and what doesn’t in networking today and is available to listen to on Spotify.



One of the tried and true ways to find networking opportunities is through face-to-face events and conferences. Marketing conferences are geared specifically toward professional marketers, making them an ideal setting to gain knowledge from experts, participate in workshops, network with peers, and discover new tools. DigiMarCon is the largest conference for digital marketing, media, and advertising in the world, with annual events across 18 countries. The program focuses on how to build traffic, create brand awareness, improve customer service, and develop digital tools to drive productivity.

Make the most out of events like this by practicing your communication skills, taking notes, and planning how you’ll be introducing yourself. Tapni’s digital business cards are great for seamlessly sharing your contact information, plus their novelty can be useful for breaking the ice during happy hours and meet and greets!


As a marketer, your network can be your greatest asset. By harnessing the power of the best resources available, you’re not just connecting with others but also building bridges to success. So, keep reaching out, learning, and growing your network. Because in marketing, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

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